planet earth's juiciest watermelons

We source ripe watermelons from the earth's most exotic destinations and put them in a can.

super tasty, yet healthy

Mela tastes like you're biting into the best watermelon ever... Because you are! You don't need to compromise a great taste for healthy benefits.

+ Antioxidants and electrolytes

+ Superior Hydration.

+ Great alternative to sodas.

+ No added sugar.

+ 100% natural - not from concentrate!

Basically, it is a super tasty alternative to those who don't like or want coconut water or sugar-added sports drinks. Or for those who are want to make a healthy (and tasty) choice.

Mela Watermelon Water

a new way to watermelon


Transporting you from your daily life to a slice of paradise, we sought to envision.
Mela as a sensorial explosion for the ruthlessly rebellious.

Our new identity celebrates Mela's brand essence to inspire others to live differently with a watermelon beverage that disrupts the status quo by elevating the shelf through an uber-premium experience.

With a handwritten wordmark and custom-drawn illustrations, we wanted to create a personal connection with innovative individuals who value expression and unconventionality, while also delighting a broader market segment and showcasing a pure approach that embodies the product.